Hi, This is Richard Man, the founder of ImageCraft. I will be using ImageCraft to host and redirect some of my Open Source projects, such as:

  • ThreadMP – a synchronous message passing API for C++ std::thread, and
  •  the C++ port of KLambda, the core interpreter for the Shen programming environment – a modern Functional LISP language.

I am open to both permanent and contract work. I have years of experience of managing engineers, architect software systems, and in-depth knowledge of software engineering. See my resume here. On LinkedIn, a former colleague said this:

ImageCraft has paused development and support of all embedded system products.
Please see: A Note to Our Customers

—  ImageCraft, May, 2020

Please bear with us while we go through a complete site makeover and server migration.

To purchase CANUSB or CAN232, please visit https://canusbshop.com

You may contact us at info@imagecraft.com


The team at ImageCraft and CANUSB Shop.

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