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While we are redesigning and rebuilding our web presence, our Designer has resurrected the legacy blog posts from our previous site. He thinks they are of interest to the Embedded Development community and have information relevant to our previous customers. If you’re reading this, we’re glad you’re here. More to come from time to time as time and industry conditions provide. Kurt GriffithWeb Pixel Shovin’ GuyFantastic Realities Studio

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Setting Up A Development Environment

Part I in “Building REXIS, a Cortex-M microcontroller Real Time OS” As we stopped development of the ImageCraft embedded tools in 2020, when I decided to rewrite my message passing kernel REXIS (Real-time EXecutive for Intelligent Systems) in modern C++ and planning to eventually evolve it into a full operating system, I needed to set up a new development environment. In this post, I described the tools I ended up using, and why I made the decisions that I did. To do basic C++ embedded development with the Cortex-M microcontrollers, at the minimum, you need: A C/C++ compiler An IDE,

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From C to C++

As a long time C programmer and compiler writer (I even wrote a book on C), when I pivoted away from running ImageCraft (see below if you missed the announcement on our website), I knew I would need to beef up on my C++ skills. Like most C programmers who learned about C++ in the earlier days, I know about classes, inheritances, virtual methods and all the Object Oriented concepts. As a compiler writer, I even know how I would go about implementing them. In the last decade, even though I was not using C++ much, I kept up to

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OpenCart 3.x Forgotten Password Error

We are setting up a new site for our CANUSB product shop (currently at using OpenCart 3.x. While testing various functions, I found that when using the “forgotten password” feature, the system correctly sent a recovery email with a link, but clicking the link resulted in an error message: Password reset code is invalid or was used previously! Searching for the errors on the web did not result in promising fixes. There are some similar problems with OpenCart 2.x but the issues do not apply. Certainly, the fixes do not help. Time to do some bug chasing myself then.

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Connecting a Smart.IO Module to a ST-Nucleo With Jumper Wires

Flash sales announcement: you can now purchase a ST-Nucleo F411 for just $1 if you also purchase any version of the JumpStart Embedded Tools for Cortex. Click here for more details, and here to browse the different Cortex tools. With Smart.IO, you can create an app for your embedded system with no wireless or app coding. It’s perfect for when you are making prototypes and wish to easily add some fancy app-based UI controls to your gadget (because who wants to use hard-to-see LCD displays or twiddly little knobs and buttons?). The Smart.IO module has a 12-pin header, and you

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