Making Tedious/Complex Things Easy

The development world is full of IDE, and “everyone” uses GCC anyway. So how can ImageCraft be better? One way we can achieve excellency is by making tedious or complex things easy to do.

For example, there are different floating point options for the Cortex-M MCUs, depending on what architectural features the CPU core support. For example, Cortex M0 and M3 cores must use software floating point libraries whereas M4 has optional single precision floating point FPU, and the M7 has optional single and double precision FPU.

But wait! There’s more: by default, the printf function in the newlib/nano-lib does not support printing of floating point values (to reduce the size of the function) and…, and…, … These are not hard to figure out, just tedious to remember the exact options to use for each one. 

So of course we are adding new options to the Project Build options in the next release of the JumpStart C++ for Cortex IDE:

New Build Options

Simple, easy to use. That’s our motto.

Oh, one more thing. What’s that QFPlib option? Stay tuned and find out…


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