Being the Target

We don’t talk about our competitors much, if at all, because we believe any potential users can make the best decisions by us providing fully functional demo and they can see how well our tools fit their needs. Our dinosaur logo was something we did on a whim back in 1994. It’s whimisical and it drives right to the heart of our initial rationale for starting the company: we can make a living selling inexpensive compilers. Over the years, our products get more full features so it’s really about “Professional tools that don’t break your bank.” Back to competitors. We […]

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$1 ISP (In System Programmer) Dongle for the AVR

We are now offering an ISP dongle for the Atmel AVR for a $1 if you purchase an ADV or PRO license of our ICCV7 for AVR compiler. Every AVR user needs of these (or two or three for spare). CUrrently we have the parallel port version and we will be getting some USB STK500 ISP compatible dongle soon and we will run the same special pricing for them. Visit our site for more details. As always, you can download a fully functional 45 days demo of our compilers.

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The Cypress PSoC C Compiler Saga

Some people may wonder about our Cypress PSoC C compiler plan. The original plan from a couple years ago was to release our PRO compiler, significantly increase the performance of the compiler. During the last couple years though, many unexpected factors came into play, but before we discuss the future, lets visit the past. At the early 2000s, Cypress MicroSystems (CMS) was a small company with a big plan. Its idea of reconfigurable analog and digital blocks coupled with a MCU gave it a unique entry to the competitive microcontroller market place. Backing CMS was the Cypress fab, allowing CMS

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