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  • ST-Nucleo F411RE ($1 SPECIAL!!)

If you purchase any version of JumpStart Embedded Tools for Cortex (including the -NC non-commercial use license) with this order, you may purchase this board for just $1!!

Need an easy-to-use platform to evaluate the REXIS RTOS, JumpStart Embedded Tools for Cortex, or for Cortex-M development in general? Then the ST-Nucleo family is perfect for you. All the signals are brought out to the Arduino compatible headers and ST's Morpho connectors. Each board comes with built-in ST-LINK/V2 debugging hardware that is fully supported by the JumpStart Debugger.

To get started with powerful 32-bit MCU development, all you need is the JumpStart Embedded Toosl for Cortex and this board. Super easy to use!

The ST-Nucleos come in versions with different ST MCUs. We like the F411RE version because the board:

  • uses the STM32F411RE MCU with Cortex-M4 CPU with FPU
  • Runs up to 100MHz
  • Has 512K bytes of flash and 128K bytes of SRAM
  • Can be powered by USB 
  • Built-in VCOM support 


ST-Nucleo F411RE ($1 SPECIAL!!)

  • Product Code: ST-Nucleo-F411
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $1.00

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