REXIS Sale Specials!

Happy Thanksgiving! The first public release of REXIS is now available, as part of V9.07.00 of JumpStart C++ for Cortex, which you can download by clicking on the link.

ImageCraft creates different REXIS editions to fulfill the different needs of embedded developers. For consulting engineers, you can prototype, test, and work with the REXIS binary release by installing the JumpStart C++ for Cortex compiler. Get a ST-Nucleo F411RE and you can start running the examples immediately. The binary release is free to use for non-commercial use.

Later, when you are tasked to develop a product for a client, you can just add the cost of a REXIS STD license as part of the NRE to the client. At $999 per a single product, with no royalties, REXIS will save you months of development and debugging time, and save your client excess expenditure. 

For companies? You can get the REXIS PRO license for $9999 that lets you deploy REXIS on an unlimited number of products from one company. 

“But Wait, There’s More!” For a limited time, you can purchase the STD license for just $599, or purchase the PRO license for just $5999. We will even throw in a complementary ST-Nucleo F411RE (apologies to our international clients; the ST-Nucleo is for USA customers only).

Find out more about REXIS here.

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